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    Representing employees in conflicts with their employers’ personnel practices and policies. If you are experiencing legal problems relating to your job, Mr. Weiner has the necessary experience and reputation to fight for your rights. The firm serves the entire Pittsburgh area, Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.

    Act without delay

    If you find yourself in a situation wherein you need legal advice, make contacting a skilled, experienced employment and discrimination attorney your priority. The sooner you seek legal advice, the easier it will be for your attorney to build a strong case in your favor, whatever the charges or circumstances of your situation. Delay in obtaining legal counsel might lead to some important information being lost or forgotten, or for the other party involved in your dispute to build a stronger case against you. Often times, you also have to allow some time for your attorney to review the case, file paper work and get the proceedings started.

    Be open and honest

    Mr. Weiner can only help you insofar as you help him understand your case. Keeping details or information from your lawyer not only makes his job that much difficult, it is in every case a detriment to your claim or defense. Your lawyer is there to represent you and you therefore need to have enough trust in him or her to divulge everything pertaining to your situation. Your attorney will in most cases ask questions that may seem very personal in nature, or might upset you. Remember that their only concern is to ensure you come out of the situation with the best results possible, and as such you should answer honestly and not feel defensive when being questioned.


    • Age Discrimination
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Religious Discrimination
    • Race Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Family Leave and Medical Act
    • Employment Contracts
    • Wrongful Discharge
    • Equal Pay
    • Retaliation, Whistle Blowers
    • Severance Agreements
    • Non-Compete Agreements