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    He was featured with his picture on the front page of the Pittsburgh Business Times for his representation of Robert Banas in the landmark employment law case, Banas v. Matthews International. He is the founder and former President of the National Employment Lawyers Associations of Pittsburgh (NELA) and a former board member of the Executive Board of National NELA. He was also co-chairman of the ERISA litigation sub-committee of the Employment Law Section of the American Bar Association and was a council member of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the Allegheny County Bar Association. He was the attorney of record in the following landmark employee rights cases that were tried successfully to a verdict in favor of the employee in state court.
    • Sundo v. Kmart
    • Underwood v. Kmart
    • Banas v. Matthews International
    • Bondi and Cavanaugh v. US Steel Corp.
    • Cashdollar v. Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
    He was also the attorney of record in the following employee rights cases that were tried successfully to a verdict in federal court:
    • Evans v. Brown & Zortman Machinery Company
    • Kwiatek v. AT&T Technologies, Inc.
    He is the author of the following articles in the Pennsylvania Law Journal Reporter, Employment Law, Vol. VII, No. 16, Employees Win on Defamation, Vol. IX, No.1, A Retreat From At-Will Erosions, Vol. X, No. 10, and was a member of the inaugural editorial board of the Journal of Individual Employment Rights, and has also been a frequent speaker on employment law topics. Mr. Weiner represents employees and former employees in many employment areas of practice and has been an advocate for employees for over thirty five years. He was formally recognized by the Executive Board of NELA for his efforts towards the growth of employee advocacy and the development of NELA- Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Weiner and his former partner Robert C. Gallo who subsequently became an Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Judge were referred to by James Smith, the former Director of the Allegheny County Bar Association as “the pioneers” of wrongful termination cases in the Allegheny County Pittsburgh area. As early as 1983 Gallo and Weiner were featured in the Pennsylvania Law Journal Reporter being referred to as “Pittsburgh’s employment law firm”. Prior to his representation of employees, Mr. Weiner was an attorney with the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington, D.C. and a corporate attorney with the National Broadcasting Company in New York City.


    • Age Discrimination
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Religious Discrimination
    • Race Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Family Leave and Medical Act
    • Employment Contracts
    • Wrongful Discharge
    • Equal Pay
    • Retaliation, Whistle Blowers
    • Severance Agreements
    • Non-Compete Agreements